Welcome to MG Waste Management, an Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF) for electrical waste

Specialist in WEEE recycling, disposal & electrical WAste management including secure hard drive data destruction.

MG Waste Management Ltd is a WEEE recycling company offering the highest quality asset recovery and waste management service across the U.K and Europe. We ensure WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is correctly recovered, treated, recycled and reused, in an efficient, effective and responsible way. By performing this essential and important service we contribute significantly to the reduction of waste products and with the aim to decrease further damage to the environment.

The Company's primary focus is to provide a fast and efficient service to collect any redundant electrical and electronic equipment. We are fully licensed and registered with the Environment Agency so you are assured any electrical & electronic waste is disposed in accordance with EU WEEE Rules and Regulations.

We are able to provide a comprehensive service to both Businesses and Households in responsibly recycling any WEEE. MG Waste management's ethos where possible, is to refurbish waste and reduce the probability of such devices ending up in landfill.

We continually strive to provide our customers with high quality information, advice and a value for money service. Our aim is to assist you in appropriately recycling any WEEE you have.

We pride ourselves in assisting customers in a responsible and efficient recycling solution ultimately helping to build a greener future!

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