The vulnerability of information stored on PC hard drives and media are a renowned security risk. MG Waste management take data destruction and the protection of licence, important software very seriously.

Even if the hard drive breaks down the storage platters inside the drive will still contain information which could be read if repaired. This means we offer several data destruction solutions for all clients.

As our ethos is to recycle and reuse components or materials where possible, physical destruction is only carried out upon request on faulty drives which cannot be accessed.

A typical asset report will include the following information as a minimum, although additional information can be added if required.

  • Make, model and specification of each item of equipment

  • Unique barcode asset number for each item of equipment

  • Equipment condition (Grade)

  • Customer asset number if applicable

  • Equipment serial number

  • Data erase certification for individual hard drives

  • Confirmation of disposal

  • Collection summary

This information can be sent via encrypted email or via Royal mail special delivery.

How does MG Waste Management perform secure data destruction?

The only way to permanently destroy data, without physically destroying the hard disk, is by multiple overwriting of the data by generating and recording random characters across the entire surface of the drive, resulting in complete data destruction and resetting of file sizes to zero.

There are a number of overwriting standards which people refer to, however the current recognized UK standard is HMG IS 5 Enhanced, although there are many global equivalents, which can confuse the issue.

MG Waste Management uses White Canyon Wipe Drive 8.1 overwriting software, which is the only overwriting software in the world to be certified to NIAP Common Criteria EAL 4+ and is the only software approved by the likes of Interpol, Homeland Security, IBM, Microsoft and Cisco.

White Canyons Wipe Drive 8.1 is also CPA approved in the UK under the NCSC. The CPA standard has now replaced the CESG standard.

By conforming to CPA and NIAP certification White Canyon meets many global standards to include:

  • GB Infosec Enhanced Standard 5

  • NIAP EAL 4+

  • US DoD 5220.22-M


  • NST 800-88 Rev 1 Compliant

  • FACTA Standards

  • Sarbanes-Oxley

  • US Army AR380-19

  • US Air Force System Security Instruction 5020

  • US Naval Staff Office Publication P-5329-26

  • US National Computer Security Centre TG-025

  • Australian Defence Signals ACSI-33 (X1-P-PD)

  • Canadian RCMP TSSIT OPS-II Standard Wipe

  • German VSITR

  • CSEC ITSG-06


On/off site physical data destruction

We also offer an onsite physical destruction service, this consist of one of our qualified engineers to remove hard drives from the PC and placed in our crusher at your premises.

Physical drive destruction is carried out using our specialist portable hydraulic crushing apparatus. This can be carried out on site or at our secure facility and can include the destruction of other types of media including:

•  CD/DVD disks

•  Floppy disks

•  Media tapes

•  Flash drives

•  SSD (solid state drives)

A full data destruction certificate including all serial numbers will be issued with this service.