Services to be performed

MG Waste Management will provide to the Client such services of waste management “the services” as may be specified in writing or orally between MG Waste Management and the Client. Any agreement by MG Waste Management to provide services will be subject to these terms and conditions. Any other terms or conditions shall be detailed by MG Waste Management in writing before becoming effective.

Time of performance

MG Waste Management will use all reasonable endeavours to perform the services on the agreed dates and shall advise the Client of potential or actual delays as soon as is reasonably practicable. Any variation to the Services to be provided or the performance date thereof will only be effective if confirmed in writing by MG Waste Management. The Client shall provide to MG Waste Management all assistance and/or information and/or materials that MG Waste Management may reasonably request. MG Waste Management will not be liable for delays in performance caused by any delay or failure to provide such assistance, information or materials, howsoever such delay or failure may arise.

Acceptance / charges and payment

Performance of the services will be deemed complete, and to the client's satisfaction, upon collection of waste goods by MG Waste Management. Charges for the Services will be as described in the relevant quotation and unless stated otherwise in the quotation will be on a time and materials basis. VAT will be added to all business fees and other charges. Residential collections are limited to minimum three items per category.

Confidential Information

MG Waste Management undertakes to take all reasonable measures to keep secure any confidential and/or privileged information, or any other document not in the public domain, obtained from the client.

Proprietary Rights

Upon collection of the waste materials and/or any other article, item or document collected by MG Waste Management pursuant to the services title to the same will pass absolutely to MG Waste Management, save that MG Waste Management undertakes not to release any confidential or privileged information as aforesaid.
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, MG Waste Management shall retain ownership of the intellectual property, including designs, drawings, written reports and other works and the client is prohibited from copying, using or deploying the same.


Either party may terminate the agreement at any time prior to performance by MG Waste Management of the services. The Client shall pay for all work carried out by MG Waste Management and shall reimburse MG Waste Management for the costs it has reasonably incurred in anticipation of, or partial performance of, the services. Further, in the event that the Client terminates the contract within 24 hours of the time for performance then the Client shall be responsible for the entirety of the agreed price for the services notwithstanding that those services may not have been performed.

Limitation of Liability

MG Waste Management shall perform the Services in a professional and competent manner and to the standard of care implied by Statute into contracts of service. MG Waste Management shall not be liable for any purely economical loss suffered by the client resulting from the performance of its services howsoever caused,. Save that MG Waste Management will accept liability for any personal injury or death caused by the negligent performance of its services, MG Waste Managements liability for all other damage, injury or loss is hereby excluded or limited to the maximum extent permitted by law.

Dispute Resolution

All disputes arising out of this Agreement shall be referable to arbitration by a person to be agreed between MG Waste Management and the Client, in default thereof by a person to be nominated by the President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators 

This agreement is subject to the Laws of England and Wales.